Happy New 2023

Happy New 2023

9 Jan 2023

Happy New 2023

Well firstly I hope this is a great year for all the children sitting exams, practicing for music grades, trying their hand or feet at some new football skill and everything else in between. 

Growing is all about taking on the next challenge and enjoying the journey and not just the success at the end…and our health is no different.

Our overall health and skin-health is always evolving and changing depending on our age, surrounding pressures, environment and hormones so enjoy the ride!


For the new year I though we could focus on some key habits for improved skin health:

1. Better Sleep

Sleep is so underrated but has a massive impact on out over health and life expectancy. A good night sleep for children will support in better repair and growth in skin and other organs. Good quality sleep also impacts better learning as our neutrons in our brains are able to form better links during this growth phase.Try little habits for better sleep such as no electronic devices for an hour before bedtime. No hear meals for two hours before bed and a calming bedtime routine - brush your teeth, cleanse face in warm water and mild cleaner, warm cosy room and bed and finally a lovely massage on Nightology for a peaceful calming touch for your skin!


2. Better Hydration

We all know how important drinking water is and we all have at least one cupboard or draw for the 18 water bottles collected for the kids over the year. Remind one another to drink at least a litre a day. It is so easy to forget to drink whilst you are busy and distracted but aim to drink at least a glass after every meal and try to add one in before and after every activity - like before you start watching your favourite Netflix instalment or go out to ride your bike. Your skin and your body is made of water and not only does it keep you skin barrier strong and healthy but it supports your body flushing out toxins and filtering particles in your gut, airways and lymph. 


3. Better Cleansing

Like it or not out world is super urbanised and that comes with a lot of pollution, dirt, grim and bacteria. We spend all day out with these particles and every time we touch out face we add more to our skin. Before the end of the day and you lay your head on your warm clean pillow make sure you wash it all off. All the pollution and smoke, all the fumes and bacteria, all the fungus and dirt so you allow your skin to breath and repair with less damage.

Have a great new year and we hope Troikin continues to support your child’s safe and healthy skincare habits fr happier and healthier skin everyday forever!!!