Troikin is a UK based Skincare company designed with children skin health in mind. Designed and formulated with child, parent and doctor involved from the get go. We are proud of our revolutionary skincare range that empowers and supports school aged children and teenagers to maintain a health skincare routine to protect and nourish their skin. 

Troikin has been developed with a leading UK formulator to ensure every ingredient is safe and effective in younger skin. You can rest assured our ingredients and their potency are specially tailored to younger more sensitive skin.

If your child is not known to have a specific allergy to a fragrance, then fragrance is their skincare will be safe. The reason we add fragrance is to make developing and maintaining a first-timers skincare routine more enjoyable. In the same way toothpaste for younger children is bubblegum flavoured to encourage the healthy behavior of brushing ones teeth we hope that our hypo-allergenic mild fragrances will enhance the experience for children to learn to use skincare daily.

Our brand was built on the foundation that a healthy skincare routine from childhood can protect young skin from unnecessary damage from the sun. Sun damage not only speeds up the signs of aging, pigmentation and loss of elasticity but most importantly increases the risk of benign and malignant skin cancers. 

Using a daily UVA and UVB protection system with added Vitamin C is the best way to protect your skin for the years to come. 

Our high level chemical and mineral SPF protects from harmful sun ray penetration into the skin which cause direct damage and DNA changes within the deeper layers of the skin. 

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and encourages skin repair through collagen production.

Firstly the conscious effort to look after your skin is the first step towards a healthy routine. In the same way we brush our teeth twice a day from 6 months old to learn to protect our milk and then adult teeth from tooth decay and gum disease we need to think of our skin in the same way. We should start young to learn these good habits.

A good skincare routine starts with moisturising and protecting the face and neck every morning with SPF. 
SPF should be topped up every 2-3 hours to maintain complete protection from sun rays that can penetrate through clouds and windows.

In the evening we should remove the dirt and pollution as well as the SPF from our face with a mild cleanser (coming soon…) and apply hydrating and soothing moisturiser to ensure water is maintained within the skin.

Every child has a skincare routine from birth. Our parents bath us in lovely delicate soaps and moisturize our little bodies with gentle creams. Unfortunately, once we get a little older having skincare applied on our skin becomes a little more uncomfortable and that’s when children can start to resist. 

Troikin aims to use kid friendly branding as well as science and a little fun to encourage independent and safe skincare habits that a child can develop as they grow into teenagers. 

A good skincare habit and sun protection in our youth can vastly impact our skin in the future, by reducing the risk of skin cancers, pigmentation, early signs of aging and dull/rough skin.

Troikin products have been designed for children aged 5-15 years old to empower and promote healthy skin habits, however our products are safe to use from 1 year old.

Everyone uses products in different ways but we expect our spill free 50 ml bottles to last approximately 3-4 months.

Shipping is £4 for UK delivery and £12 for international delivery. Unfortunately we currently can not post to UAE or USA.

Yes. No animal products have been used.

Yes. No animal products have been used.

Yes. All our products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals and ethically sourced
from sustainable plants.