My Light Bulb Moment!!

My Light Bulb Moment!!

6 May 2022

It was Halloween of 2018 and we were off to a party and I had promised my children I would let them use my make up for face painting. My son was going as a vampire and my daughter as a fairy princess witch??

When it came to the make up I wanted to protect their skin with a moisturizer – this was a battle. They refused to use the baby moisturisers I had bought them. They said they felt sticky and smelly and I was rubbing it too hard. So I gave up and let them use my expensive luxury silky smooth day moisturizer. They loved it. It was easy for them to apply themselves. They liked copying mummy and they felt it was a treat.

Ever since I started sourcing adult moisturizers and cleansers that were safe for them to use and enjoy. That’s when I had my light bulb moment. Why am I having to read through all these ingredients to make sure its safe. We need a skincare range designed for children/youngsters that is specific to them. With safe active ingredients whilst still being enjoyable and easy to apply and build into a maintainable skin care routine to protect their skin forever.