So I suppose an introduction is in order…

So I suppose an introduction is in order…

25 Aug 2022

I’m Amina, I’m a family doctor (or GP in the UK) and a mum. 

As a family Doctor with two young children I was having the same skincare issues at home as I was having at work. Children were refusing to regularly moisturize their skin as it felt sticky or uncomfortable and the creams all smelt bad.

My children as well as my patients didn’t have a sensible skincare routine specific to their age and needs and this was putting their skin barrier at risk of harm and irritation. Unfortunately the same was true of sun screen – either it was to sticky, or too oily, or too thick to spread and all parents know it becomes a difficult struggle to ensure sun screen is adequately applied to the whole face, neck and everything in between – exposing he child to harmful UV rays which can lead to serious skin damage range from dry inflamed skin, worsened acne and skin cancer in the future. 

I’ve always suffered from eczema and skin dryness and patchy flare ups so skincare has always been a significant issue for me. As a child I suffered the angry, red, inflamed, itchy skin around my arms and neck. Changes in the weather or increased pollutants would regularly spark painful flare ups.
As an older child around 12 years old the irritation moved to my face with blotches of redness and pigmentation around my eyes and lips making ‘make up’ impossible as I looked like I’d just smeared it on (of course make up has improved greatly over the last 20 years from what I could afford at the time).

On my 16th birthday my kind and loving mum changed my skincare routine overnight - She gifted me a skincare range from Lancaster (not so readily available in the UK anymore) including a cleanser, toner and deep moisturizer. They were brilliant. Immediately my skin felt soft and soothed. My completion was clearer and brighter and overtime I was able to reduce my flare ups (of course with regular input from my GP and dermatologist for some medical support when needed).

Over the next few years I have added and tweaked my skincare routine as each phase of your life requires something slightly different. I always use SPF 40 to protect my skin from harmful sun rays and therefore I’ve luckily had to put up less of a fight against signs of aging, pigmentation & dry dull skin. 

So I suppose to summarize I’m very invested in all of us building a suitable skincare routine to protect and nourish. The younger we learn these rituals and enjoy them the easier they are to follow and maintain.