Spring skincare

Spring skincare

23 Apr 2024

Spring Skincare


Although Spring is still debating whether to arrive in the UK this April 2024, this fluctuation in weather can have an impact on younger skin. The regular change in weather can cause the skin to feel more dry and uncomfortable. Hydration morning and evening is key to protecting the skin barrier...oh and dont forget to top up at lunchtime too!

Children and teenagers are more likely to spend their longer evening outdoors playing sports, exploring local parks and forests or just relaxing with friends. Spending time outdoors is amazing for their mental health and the increased activities are great for their bone density and muscle strength, however we need to up the skin defences.

Environmental damage from the lengthened sun exposure means we need to encourage our children and teenagers to re-focus on their sun protection. Ideally their SPF needs to be generously applied every morning and then topped up every 2-3 hours. Even at Troikin HQ we accept that 2 hourly top ups are hard to achieve but aiming for a top up at lunch time and at the end of school is a sensible start.

Using Troikin's Skin Esteem top-up serum also refreshes the skin' hydration and gives a real 'glow up' to the skin to look fresh and beautiful. With the added vitamin C and vitamin E antioxidants it offers further protection from pollution derived free radiacals that can damage the skin at a DNA level. 

As there weather bounces from sunny to wet & windy please dont forget to protect the skin barrier with hydration to reduce the risk of infections and inflammations within the skin for happier and healthier kid!