Uplift your skin without skincare too

Uplift your skin without skincare too

24 May 2024

Uplift your skin without the skincare

Sensible and safe skin hygiene is vital for healthy, comfortable and happy skin, but a 16 step routine isn't  the way to achieve that in our young children and teens who need to be focusing on their personal growth.

Follow my super easy (and not so expensive) guide to healthy skin hygiene:

1. Disposable face towels

Using a damp towel that has been handled by the whole household isn't great for the face. The towel will undoubtedly carry bacteria and fungus which will transfer to the delicate skin around the face and promote infections as well as acne and sub-acute irritations and redness.

The single use face towel has been a real game changer in my home. Used at night after a good cleanse it has minimised my daughters breakouts (and my own rosacea). They are also a little more gentle on the skin and therefore reduce unnecessary abrasions to the skin, which in time will reduce teen redness around the cheeks and nose.

There are loads of options out there, but we are currently happy with our trial of Clean Skin Club Clean Towels from Amazon. 

2. Silk or Satin Pillow case

The main goal of a silk or satin pillowcase is to reduce the physical abrasions and micro-damage that happens as you move your face and hair accross your pillowcase whilst asleep.

Unfortunately cotton fibres can be harsh on the skin and hair and increase the risk of infection, irritations and redness. 

I have even started promoting silk pillowcases for my adult patients to reduce the signs of wrinkles, rosacea on the cheeks and asymmetry of the face. 

Start young and protect that beautiful youth!

3.  Wash before you touch

To reduce the risk and impact of infections on young skin, which can lead to acne, redness and pimples focus on reminding your kid and teen to wash their hands before they touch their face and hair. We as parents should be doing the same thing, reminding them we need to pause to wash our hands before we handle their hair or help with their skin.

It seems obvious but unfortunately we are guilty of quickly putting our hair up after lunch or just reapplying our lip balm with our fingers - 2 seconds after playing with the class blue tak or rummaging into a dirty pencil case. 

Being mindful of simple skin hygiene can reduce skin issues and concerns and lead to a happier and healthier skin day!

Love Dr Amina